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In recognition that poverty is both cause and effect of emotional ill health, Hammersmith & Fulham Foodbank will be partnering with the U.K. Council of Psychotherapy to provide therapy and counselling to the residents of the borough. The project shall be named 'FOOD FOR THOUGHT'

Due to the high demand for talking therapies on the N.H.S., waiting times are often very long. The alternative is private therapy, which is very expensive and not feasible for the majority of people.  With your donations we can provide quality, instant psychotherapy and counselling to those who would benefit most.  

Suicide is still the biggest killer of men under 45 in the U.K.  Together, hopefully, we can help in reducing this number, and the other emotional turmoils people experience in times of need. 

Why this project came to fruition as told by Robert Howell 

Mental Health has been in the spotlight over the past few years, significantly due to Royal and celebrity campaigns and increased press coverage. Despite these organisations raising awareness, there is still great demand for appropriate treatments.
In the summer of 2014, after having a successful career in the music and fashion industries, I suffered a severe nervous breakdown resulting in my attempted suicide. Fortunately I survived, and now able to share my story. After being admitted to a psychiatric hospital and prescribed heavy medication, which lead to a Diazepam addiction ( I am now clean and healthy) I moved back into my mother’s house. I was offered therapy on the NHS but due to high demand they could only offer to see me if I waited up to 9 months. At this stage I could not wait and thankfully my mother was able to afford private psychotherapy and I was seen within 48 hours, which I believe saved my life and I am now stable and happy. Private therapy is very expensive and simply out of the question for many, which goes some way to explaining why suicide is still the main cause of death for men under 45 in the U.K.
I thought it was abhorrent that the privileged few could access immediate potential life saving support, whilst the majority of people had to suffer in silence. In the wake of this, I set up a mental health foundation, Stop Time Save Lives, to relieve the burden on the NHS. Alongside Hammersmith & Fulham Foodbank and the U.K. Council of Psychotherapists (UKCP), we aim to provide free, immediate, top of the range therapy and counselling for those who would benefit most. The project will be named ‘Food For Thought’. To achieve this we will need to raise a considerable amount of money.
To put someone through therapy for a year would cost at most £3,000 with scope to reduce that amount. This isn't a lot for those who can afford it, it might even save a life.

How donations are used:
Money will be used to fund therapy and counselling. With over 130 registered UKCP members in Hammersmith and Fulham, the UKCP will select the right therapists to the beneficaries of the food bank with their individual mental health need. The donations will assure that each individual therapist is an expert in their respective fields. 

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