HFFB's Emergency Food Appeal

HFFB's Emergency Food Appeal



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Help feed local families in crisis. With the current cost of living crisis, our foodbank's demand has doubled in less than a year, and we need your help! Throughout the first half of this year, our amazing donors provided 29 tonnes of food (an average 4.8 tonnes of food donated per month), though due to demand we gave out 76 tonnes (average of 12.7 tonnes of food given out per month). In the same period of 2022, there was a 13 tonne food shortfall, compared to this years 47 tonnes shortfall!

Our goal is to cover our food costs, closing the gap between food donations received and the food distributed through our food parcels. Donate today and be a part of the solution!

We rely on donations from residents, schools, and businesses to keep up, but the increasing number of families in need is overwhelming. Your support can make a significant difference in helping us meet the urgent demand and feed our local community.

We deeply appreciate any/all donations. To learn more about what we do and how it makes a difference, please visit our website or see how we make a difference on our YouTube channel

Impact of your donation:

£ 10* - Provides 8 cans of tinned meat/tuna for food parcels.
£ 25* - Provides 8 cereal boxes and 8 milk cartons for food parcels.
£ 40* - Provides a food parcel (equivalent to 10 meals) for a family of four.
£ 50* - Provides 15 cans of soup, 15 cans of tinned vegetables, and 10 jars of cooking sauce for food parcels.
£ 100* - Provides a food parcel (equivalent to 10 meals) for 10 people in crisis.
* The indicated 'price points' and preferred purchase items are for reference purposes only. In practice, HFFB will procure food parcel items at the best value possible and based on our current and urgent needs at any given moment.